When you upload to


blockchain archives

single point of vulnerabilities is non-existant.

Only your document can reassemble the unique piece.


Two Options


Transactions Private; your archive is a list of letter and numbers.

Transactions Public; your archive will have a public view using our blockchain viewer.

Capital Types




Historical Bonds


Promissory Notes

SKR (Safe Keeping Record)


By using [bc]capitol

blockchain archives

you are not tied to anyone

you can optionally move your

assets to your

own wallets at any time.

[bc]Capitol is a BlockChain Archiver built with sophisticated blockchain technology for the purpose of securing personal and business assets, documents describing assets, whether more common assets or alternative asset types, in fact, anything considered by the asset owner as cash-convertible. This can be almost anything, but common types might be securities, judgements, bonds, shares, historical bonds, deed documents, insurance documents, IOU’s etc.


What is BlockChain?

BlockChain is an algorithm and distributed data structure for managing electronic cash without a central administration and among unknown parties. Originally designed for Bitcoin, BlockChain architecture is now used for distributed Ledger technologies. In fact, anything can now be placed on a Block Chain.

What is BlockChain Capital (BCC)?

BCC is a decentralised, incorruptible and unchangeable storage facility for Asset Documents fixed onto the BlockChain. Any type of document or data stored at BlockChain Capital are immutable, fixed, unchangeable, and un-deletable. A decentralised system prevents any interference from Administrative errors. And, of course, as all archived documents are encrypted with asymmetric key cryptography documents are only readable to the key holder.

What does each Capital Archive Cost?

Because we are a decentralized organization we only accept crypto utility tokens. Bitcoin or Etherum. If you have a token that you want to use please submit it for Review. In Euro the price is 45Euro for Public and 40Euro for Private Archival and the price will be converted in the cart once you have made your selection.

What does a Private Archive look like?


How does BlockChain Capital work?

BCC assists the client in locking their asset documents into the BlockChain system with immutable precision. If the client plans on sharing this document with a third party, the receiver can be assured without question that the asset document has blockchain security.

What happens if I want to sell or have sold my assets that i filed with BlockChain Capital?

You will file a “asset – transferral” document. This blockchain filing will say that you are not the owner of the asset any longer.

What does a Public Archive look like?

Can I retrieve my Asset Documents at anytime?

Your asset documents are always available to you by using your private key in our asset “look up” system.

When I upload my documents, do they have to be in any particular format?

Yes, you should use PDF, or JPEG.

How do I transfer my Archive to xChange wallet and Vault?

We are currently developing tools to move your archive to other blockchain wallets, this feature will be available in mid 2020.

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